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Recorded Webinars and Training

These are recorded versions of some of our training sessions.

Check back for udpated videos soon (or keep an eye on our Facebook page and User group.

Administration and Agency Management - 12/11/2018

Automation and Client Portals - 8/28/2018

Building and Using Email Templates - 08/21/2018

Introduction To Tess - 6/5/2018

Client Portal and Other New Features

Proposals and Itineraries

Sending Bon Voyage and Welcome Home Emails with Tess

New Automation in Tess 01/03/2017

What is new in Tess for Groups 01/03/2017

Tess for Disney Vacation Planners 01/06/2017

Commissions and Paying Agents with Tess 01/06/2017

Email Marketing with Tess 05/25/2017