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Admin Account Overview


Using TESS as an administrator looks a lot like using TESS as an Agent, there are just a few differences to note.

  1. The trips list shows all trips across the agency - agents only see their own.
  2. The task list shows all tasks across the agency - agents only see their own.
  3. Month-to-Date and Year-To-Date numbers are for the entire agency.
  4. Sales and Commission graphs are for the entire agency - you are probably getting the idea of how this works!
  5. The Top Sales and Goals widget looks the same whether you are an agent or admin - this is an optional feature that we talk about more in the settings section.


Adding Trips and Clients for Agents

First, start creating a trip.
Click here to learn more about creating trips.

  1. Under Agent, start typing the agent's name and click the name when it comes up.
    Note: You can change an agent on a trip later, but once you attach something to the trip that belongs to the agent
    such as a client or an extension, the field will be locked to prevent changing it.
  2. Adding a client for an agent works the same way, start creating a client, in the Agent field start typing their name,
    Click the agent name when it comes up.
    Note: Once this client is attached to a trip that belongs to this agent, you will not be able to reassign them.
    Click here to learn more about creating clients.

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By default when you access a report you will see information for the entire agency.
Follow the steps below to view information for a specific agent.

  1. Click Reports in the main menu, then select one of the reports.
  2. In the upper right corner, start typing an agent name and click it when it comes up.
    The report will filter by only that agent's information.

General report information:

  • Projected Income: This report shows all bookings sorted by travel date.
    Because most commissions are paid after travel, this will show you when you are expecting to receive commission payments.
  • Commission Earned: This report shows all bookings sorted by booking date.
    This report shows you when the commission was earned (booked), regardless of when you expect to receive it.
  • Past Due: This report shows you all bookings where the travel dates are in the past.
    Generally, you should expect to receive a commission check after travel, so you can use this list to follow up on missed payments.
  • Charts: The charts provide a high-level view of where you send the most people and which operators you use the most.
  • Custom Reports: If you are on the Advanced package we can build custom reports for you that you can run anytime.
    Any data in TESS, including custom tabs, can be used in reports. They can be detail level or summary reports.

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