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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers! If your questions isn't here, send it to us!!


Q: Is the system down?

A: No. Ok...probably no. We do occasionally take the system down when we are adding new features. Otherwise, it is available 24/7. We send emails out to active users to let you know when there will be an interruption, and we post a notice on our Facebook page and in the Facebook User Group. Not in the User Group? Go here to join. If you are still having trouble with the system, please send an email to

Account Problems

Q: Why can't I log in or reset my password?

A: If you filled out the "Forgot my password" form and you didn't receive a password, double check that your username and company code are correct. Tip: Your username is usually not an email address.

Q: My trial is over, how do I pay for my account?

A: Click on your name in the upper right corner, click My Profile, click the My Account tab, then click Add Credit Card. If you are having trouble, here is a short video


Q: How can I record a payment from someone who is not traveling?

A: You can only track payments from travelers. You can either include the non-traveler on the trip, or attach the payment to the Primary Traveler and just include a note on the payment showing who made the payment.

Q: The property, sailing, room category, etc. is missing. How do I add it?

A: We aggregate data from several sources and update them regularly, but we do depend on those sources to keep us current and sometimes new itineraries or property changes are slow to make it through the systems. You can email support if you need something added that is not available now. We are working with several suppliers to get more current and detailed data.

Q: What are the differences between proposals, trips, group trips, and bookings?

A: A proposal is just that, it is something that you create to give your client options and prices before they book. You can convert a proposal into a trip, but you do not need a proposal to create a trip. Does your client know what they want? Skip the proposal and just create the trip.

A Trip contains one or more itinerary items and one or more bookings. You cannot have a booking without a trip. Start by creating your trip, then go to the Bookings tab to add bookings to your trip. The booking is important! You cannot track commissions without a booking, and if you are being paid by an agency or a host, you will not get paid if you do not enter the booking!

A Group Trip contains multiple trips for people traveling together. Whether that is a 100 person managed group or just two families traveling together, you can use a group trip. The trips inside a group are called Reservations, but otherwise they work just like a standard trip.

Q: How can I see all of my trips/bookings by travel date?

A: Under reports, choose the Projected Income report. This is sorted by travel date. You can also use the Calendar to view trips or tasks occurring on specific days.

Q: Can I merge two (or more) trips into a group trip?

A: No, you cannot do this yourself. If you open a help desk ticket we can help you merge them.

Q: Can multiple agents book into the same group?

A: No. That is a feature we have scheduled to add this year.

Q: I have multiple people traveling together, how can I invoice them all separately?

A: You will need to set them up as reservations in a Group Trip. Click here to learn more.

Q: What is the airline code for Frontier, JetBlue, etc., airline?

A: "Hey Siri, what's the airline code for Frontier Airlines" (or just Google). Inside the system you can go to Suppliers, then Airlines to search for Airline codes, but that means you have to leave the trip so using Siri or Google is usually faster.

Q: Why doesn't my custom Tab doesn't have a save button?

A: Be sure you are clicking on the tab at the top, not on the name of the extension. If you can no longer see your trip ID then you left the trip and went into the extension settings. If you are on a smaller screen the custom tab may be in the "More+" menu.

Q: Why is my booking number unavailable?

A: If your booking number shows as unavailable, it has already been used for that operator. Try searching your booking list to see if you have already entered it. If you need to use the same booking number a second time for some reason, you can add “-2” to the end to increment it.


Q: How do I export my clients out of TESS to use in another system?

A: It is super easy, just click the Import/Export button on your client list. Click here to learn more.

Q: Can clients enter their own information into the system?

A: You need to enter a name and email address. Then you can send a Travel Authorization task that will allow them to complete the remaining data themselves. Click here to learn more.

Q: Where do I store my client's CVV code?

A: PCI compliance rules do not allow this code to ever be stored. When you use your credit card online, the merchant uses the code to authorize the transaction, but never stores the value. This is also how TESS uses credit cards to charge monthly fees.

Q: My client does not use any online accounts, how can they log into their portal?

A: We are adding a username/email method to log in soon.

Email Templates

Q: Can I customize the built-in Templates?

A: Yes, first you need to add them to your own library, then you can customize your copy of the template (Advanced package feature).

Travel Authorizations/Client Portal Tasks

Q: My client can see the information for all of the other travelers on the trip, how do I stop that?

A: The primary traveler can verify information for all travelers on a trip. If you only want each traveler to verify their own information, set them all to be secondary travelers. You can also set them up as reservations in a group trip which will allow you to invoice them separately.