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Starting Your Trial

How To Get Started

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Try TESS for Free".
  3. Click "Start Your 30 Day Challenge Today"
  4. Click "Let's Get Started"

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Create Your Company and Administrator

Don't worry; you can change this later if it isn't right!

  1. Enter your company name as you like your clients to see it.
  2. Enter your company short name; you will use this when you log-in so make it short and easy to remember. Your clients will not see this.
  3. Enter your company's legal name including any LLC, DBA, or other information you need to have included.
  4. Enter your admin username (probably your first name).
  5. Enter your admin email address (probably your email address).
  6. Enter your admin first and last name (probably your first and last name).
  7. If this account will receive a commission, check the box and enter a commission rate. Owners usually do not pay themselves a commission, but remember you can always change this later.


Create users

Follow these steps if you have additional users to create, if you have none or when you are finished click "Sign Up" to continue.

  1. Click Add User.
  2. Enter their first name, last name, and email address.
  3. Enter their username. This only needs to be unique within your company so make it something simple like their first name, first initial + last name, etc.
  4. Choose their user type, usually this will be Agent.
  5. If this is a user who is paid a commission for bookings, click the "Receives Commission" checkbox and enter their initial commission rate.
  6. Click Save User.

Repeat this process for each additional user and click "Sign Up" when you are ready to continue.


Activate your Account

In just a moment you will receive an email to confirm your address and activate your account.

  1. In the email, click Begin Activation.
  2. On the page that opens, review the information and click Begin Activation.
  3. Review the End User License Agreement then click Accept Agreement.
  4. Enter and confirm a new password then click Continue.
  5. Choose your subscription level and click Continue. There is no commitment with TESS, and you can change your subscription level anytime, so consider trying out the advanced features for free during your trial period!
  6. You can enter your credit card now, or if you are just trying TESS, you can enter it later. Click Continue when you are finished.
  7. Click Activate on the next screen and you are finished! Click Trips Dashboard to be taken into TESS.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot