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TESS Version 18.1

New Features

Client Portal! *
The new Client Portal is here and it is amazing!

  • Give your clients direct access to itineraries, proposals, and invoices.
  • Share documents with your clients and let them share documents with you - securely! No more emailing sensitive information.
  • Your clients can share their destination to social networks, which is a great way for you to connect with their friends.

Travel Authorizations *
Travel Authorizations, or Client Tasks, are part of the Client Portal, but can also be used independently. Send your clients tasks to complete online:

  • Name, Birthdate, and contact information verification.
  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Travel Insurance Acknowledgment
  • Custom Tasks
  • Digital Signature

Final Payment Date on Bookings

  • Track final payment date for each booking.
  • Include final payment dates in invoices and the Client Portal.

Report Improvements *

  • Custom reports now display on screen instead of downloading to Excel.
  • Of course, you can still export it to Excel if you need it there!
  • We also changed how standard reports will work throughout the system and you will start seeing new ones show up more regularly.

TSA Pre-Check Field

  • This has always been an option but was a little hard to find.
  • Now it is available in the Passport section of your client's profile.

Search by Group Trip Number

  • From your bookings list you can now search by Group Number.

Top Sales Widget Defaults to Current Month

  • Previously the widget defaulted to the year view, it now defaults to the current month.
  • The Top Sales Widget is an agency setting that can be turned on by an admin.

Relatives Changed to Relationships

  • Our client "Relatives" area has grown to include other types of relationships, so we just changed it to make it more clear!

Improved Time Zone Support *

  • You can now schedule email to be sent after a specific time including time zone.
  • When the email is sent, it goes into a queue and is usually processed within a few seconds but during very busy times it could be up to a few minutes.
  • Time zone problems also sometimes caused bookings to show on the next month's reports which is adjusted now.

Duplicate Hotels and Rooms Supported in Proposals and Itineraries *

  • Previously there could be problems when trying to use the same hotel or room category multiple times in a proposal or itinerary - no more!

All Clients Supported on Itinerary Flights

  • Before this release you could only add flight details for five travelers on a trip, this limit has been removed.

Proposals Automatically Canceled After Trip Creation *

  • Proposals remain in your trip list so you can re-use them or reference them later, but usually you do not need them after you create the trip.
  • With this change the proposal will be put in a canceled status, but you can still access it by changing the filter on your Trip list.

Trips List Filter

  • You can now filter by multiple trips status types in your trip list

  • Autofill Address when Adding Relatives

  • Complete tasks with a check box everywhere
  • Icons beside user photo open User Profile and Add Task
  • Documents can be shared from Proposals
  • Timelines added to clients, users, and companies
  • View stored credit cards from the booking payment window
  • Clients can request/authorize a payment from their portal

Bug Fixes and General Improvements

  • Problem Sending Birthday and Anniversary Emails *
  • Fixed Error When Clicking a Chart Series on Dashboard
  • On Commission Earned Report, Changed "Earned" to "Projected"
  • Supplier Graphs Updated to Show Current Years Sales
  • Times in Itineraries and Proposals not Changing When Scrolling

* Indicates this is related to a feature in the Advanced Package