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TESS Version 18.2

New Features


We have implemented a new data caching system that will allow you to access many parts of the system much faster.

New Sorting and Filtering

The new data caching gives us better flexibility with data intense screens.

New filtering and sorting options are available on:

  • Clients
  • Trips
  • Reservations
  • Agents
  • Companies
  • Properties
  • Cruises

It is easier than ever to work with your data in TESS!

Supplier Menu Improvements

  • Tour Lines now available *
  • Improved layout for Cruises *

Improved Group Reservation Management

  • New Copy Reservation feature allows you to quickly duplicate a reservation then simply adjust any customizations needed
  • Save your place in the reservation list, when you go into a reservation then back to your list you will not have to start over
  • Convert a Proposal into a Reservation in a Group Trip.
  • Move a Reservation out of a group to be a Standard Trip.

New Management Features for Clients and Leads

  • Delete button added to Client Leads
  • New status field added to Clients and Client Leads

Other New Features

  • New "friendly" links - now you can right click to open a link in a new tab or window
  • New "Nick name or First Name" place holder for clients in email Template Builder *
  • Improved test data in Template Builder *
  • Removed links from non-sortable columns
  • New "Traveler Count" field on bookings - optional setting turned on at the parent company level.

Tour Operators and Paying Agents

  • You can now override the "Pay after travel" setting at a supplier level.

Bug Fixes and General Improvements

  • Passport city no longer required in Travel Authorization Tasks
  • Error when uploading Clients has been corrected
  • Error when uploading Client Leads has been corrected
  • Trouble authorizing email address (for client communications) has been corrected
  • Client Travel Authorization that could not be completed if they did not require input or validation has been corrected
  • Spending Habits on the Client Tracking tab has been fixed
  • Company name and legal name no longer allow special characters (causes problems with integrations and exports)
  • Template icons not loading has been corrected
  • Problem with agent adjustments combined with an unclaimed booking error has been corrected
  • Projected Income and Commission Earned reports reverting to current year has been corrected
  • Problem exporting Projected Income and Commission Earned reports for any year except 2018 has been corrected
  • Naming error in Commission Earned report has been corrected
  • Error adding travelers to flights has been corrected
  • Trips in Progress added back to the Dashboard
  • Problem searching for cruises because of time zone corrected
  • Inactive users are hidden by default

* Indicates this is related to a feature in the Advanced Package